Prague Summer School of Journalism 2020


15 August  – 29 August 2020


When you come to our summer school, you will have a chance to explore and experience the life of a cross-platform foreign correspondent. 


The job of foreign correspondent is one of the most prestigious positions in journalism, and is being rapidly transformed by emerging technologies. Traditional foreign correspondents are under intense pressure from the trend toward ‘parachute journalism’ and need to learn ways to cope with it.

Just as audiences follow news across multiple platforms, one journalist can nowadays gather, produce and share information in different formats ranging from SMS texting to Internet blogs and broadcasting. Being a cross-platform journalist is a path to world-class job opportunities and successful freelancing, as well as toward an always-interesting career that blends high professionalism with playful creativity and takes advantage of emerging technologies. 

During a two-week simulation, guided by professionals and academics, students will report back to their home countries and to other international outlets on the Czech Republic and Central Europe, in a number of formats and across multiple platforms. Students will practice investigative, socio-culturally sensitive journalism, drawing on lessons and workshops delivered by scholars from Charles University, journalists, and other media professionals. They will have access to traditional and emerging technologies as they acquire hands-on experience in cross-platform journalism. The lecturers and professors will be readily available to answer questions, provide assistance, and consult with students about their projects.

By the end of the summer school, students will have deepened their knowledge and skills as foreign correspondents, reporting in a variety of formats and across multiple platforms. Ultimately, they will enjoy the new, transformative experience of being cross-platform foreign correspondents.